I am really happy that ICMICA Pax Romana is involved in the discussion on Climate Change. In fact, since I left the secretariat of ICMICA, I have been working on this issue. I hope to be able to participate in the Assembly, though I am not yet sure. However, I will send you some documents from the perspective of  UN Human Rights Mechanism, which should be complimentary to the discussion at the European level.


The two documents in the attachment are 1) summary of discussion held at the UN Human Rights Council in 2008, and 2) the summary of study conducted by the Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights on the relation between Climate Change and Human Rights. It’s more a legal approach. In February this year, there was another seminar again, which the summary is yet to be completed. See the following link for the complete information:


Budi Tjahjono

Asia Pacific Advocacy Officer Franciscans International