During the AGM, our member Faith Odhiambo has been elected as the secretary  for the NIYOA board.  Hence it means that ICMICA Africa has  the position of the secretary.

The Network of International Youth Organisations in Africa (NIYOA) is a network that brings together international youth organizations working in Africa to empower young people to take active role in the society. As a youth platform for the International Organisations in Africa, NIYOA serves the interest of young people all over Africa, promoting their active participation in development and educating them  on the values and principles of peace, democracy and co-operation.

There was a Skype meeting held on 22nd March 2014 for Pax Romana Africa Regional meeting for English Speaking Countries.  In attendance were: Rosemary Sunkutu from Zambia, Homisdas from Rwanda, Fredrick Wamalwa from Pax Romana Africa. Elizabeth Chikomo from Zimbabwe and Jules Zannou from Benin partially followed the meeting due to poor internet connection.The following were discussed:

Agenda 1: Updates from countries:

Zambia: Members meet every month. The main current activity is rolling out the movement to all the dioceses in Zambia. There is good will and support from the local church. Mobilizing resources to support the activities of the movement is still a challenge.

In Africa, a few movements are working closely with the local church leadership and more so decentralizing the movement to dioceses and parishes, away from the cities.

In Kenya, the group is working very well with the local episcopal conference through membership to the Lay Apostolate. More so the movement is now present in almost all dioceses- thanks to the efforts of Fr. Etienne and the national team. Our friends in Kenya have done a wonderful job around issues of Catholic Social Teaching, going round the dioceses to educate Christians about CSTs and their practical application in life today.

Many activities of IMCS in Africa in 2012 are related to the implementation of the synod on the "Church in Africa at the service of Reconciliation, Justice and Peace.