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In Africa, a few movements are working closely with the local church leadership and more so decentralizing the movement to dioceses and parishes, away from the cities.

In Kenya, the group is working very well with the local episcopal conference through membership to the Lay Apostolate. More so the movement is now present in almost all dioceses- thanks to the efforts of Fr. Etienne and the national team. Our friends in Kenya have done a wonderful job around issues of Catholic Social Teaching, going round the dioceses to educate Christians about CSTs and their practical application in life today.

In Zambia, the movement is highly regarded within the episcopal conference. This week, they are launching a program to roll out and introduce the movement in other dioceses beyond Lusaka. Thanks to the efforts of Rosemary Sunkutu, the current chairperson of Pax Romana leveraging on efforts of others like Kaputo Chenga.

There is also a good story to tell in Togo where our few members are now 'a point of reference' by the Bishops. On a number of occasions, the Bishops in Togo have relied on out members there to offer advise on various issues.

At the regional level, we are part of AMECEA and on many occasions have been invited to participate on activities related to the Laity within AMECEA. Our friends in Zimbabwe are working closely with AFCAST on issues related to CST.

We hope that this models can be adapted by other countries. Certainly these are issues to follow up in the Council meeting and plenary assembly.

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