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This is an overview on few documents published on the New Evangelisation

Miamsi                  Fermina Álvarez Alonso

Towards a New Evangelization of the international political life

                                  Mgr Nicola Eterovic

The New Evangelization: Problems and Prospects of the NGO’s Commitment

Comece                Mgr Salvatore FISICHELLA

The EU of tomorrow : A challenge for Religion and Ethics ?

ZDK                      Card Marx

Sichtbar machen, dass Kirche für die Kleinen und Schwachen da ist


Instrumentum Laboris  pour le synode sur la nouvelle évangélisation.

 Résumé Antoine Sondag, 24 juin 2012.  (Texte français en seconde partie)

The theme of the synod to be held from 7 to 28 October in Rome is: The new evangelization for the transmission of the Christian faith. The Instrumentum Laboris is the last paper published before the opening of the synod, a very long document over 80 pages. We recall the process of a synod : questions (preliminary document Lineamenta) are sent to the Bishops’Conferences and other organizations. Responses are collected and summarized in a document called the Instrumentum Laboris.