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Rather than giving answers, we should learn to ask questions, study tools and not only goals, build relationships, personal, social and institutional structures able to nurish social cohesion inclusive of different identities. The essentials of the Christian faith is the choice to stay in the middle,

We Pax Romana members from different nations, continents, cultures, generations, in electronic connection with other members who could not come to Rome met from 3rd to 7th October 2012. The meeting was aimed to contribute to the work of the synod and we pray for its success.

Realizing the need for greater ardour to accompany the new evangelization in the spirit of the Second Vatican council, Pax Romana calls upon for a more effective involvement and stronger mobilization on new evangelization.

The theme of the Synod is “New Evangelization for the Transmission of the Christian Faith."

What are the voices of young theologians on this question? Pax Romana ICMICA is teaming up with two blogs (Daily Theology and Women in Theology) as well as the Emerging Theologians Network to get voices of younger theologians.

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The new evangelization is the actualization of the missionary vocation of the Church to the baptized who have lost their Christian identity. It means to face a changing society, a new emerging culture.

Challenges and difficulties for the new evangelization

5 challenges regarding the society: the growing secularization, a crisis of confidence in life, problems linked to migration, the relegation of religion to the private sphere and the medias.

5 Challenges linked to the Church: the missionary dynamism, new ways to use, the pastoral renewal of the sacraments, the image of the Church and the ecumenism.

The protagonists are the families, schools and Catholic movements and communities. The priority recipients are families, youth and medias


     We affirm the attention paid to the importance of discernment throughout the document. From our experiences, the skill and practice of genuine discernment is a necessary feature in the work of evangelization (Rom. 12:2)...        

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There's no doubt that Blessed John Paul II will be forever linked to the theme of the "new evangelisation". But where did he get the idea?

In fact, how did the term "evangelisation", which was hardly used in the Catholic world before Vatican II, suddenly come to prominence in the late 1960s to the extent that Pope Paul VI made it the theme of the 1974 Synod of Bishops?

 1. Synod

The experience of collegiality and co-responsibility among the bishops of the world during the Second Vatican Council led them to propose the creation of a permanent structure for bishops and lay auditors to reflect on issues of concern for the “world church.” In 1965, Pope Paul VI established the worldwide Synod of Bishops in response to these calls.

In today's world, faith-based NGOs play a significant role, particularly in the fight against poverty. These NGOs help millions of poor people to survive, to heal, to send their children to school, while those states whose populations are vulnerable, are too weak, lack financial resources or are bankrupt or simply failed.

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