Statement by H. E. Mr. Stefan Löfven, Prime Minister of Sweden, at the ECOSOC Integration Segment

     I am honoured to be here today, together with all of you, for a segment with an impressive list of both topics and participants. I certainly look forward to our discussion. Let me start by stepping back in time. Reshma, a seamstress in a garment factory, saw the light of day again, after 17 days. Helped by rescue workers, she emerged from the rubble, having survived on dried goods and water. But more than 1 100 of her colleagues died in that factory in Dhaka, when it collapsed in April 2013.

     This tragedy was not a unique event. Two million people die at work every year.

The ILO report “Global Employment Trends for Youth,” is an excellent document. It has practical approach to deal with youth's employment issues, ensuring their economic empowerment. Youth movements in the church need to take a look at this area of youth economic empowerment. Entrepreneurial opportunities and various income generation models for the marginalized youth are highlighted in this document. Labour Commissions in the church can play an instrumental role and translate this to various communities, especially the marginalized ones. I really insist one should read this, as it has helped me gain insights and ideas for promoting financial inclusion of youth through employment opportunities.