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     As a president of the Club of Catholic Intelligentsia in Warsaw I am honoured and happy to welcome you at this conference dedicated to the challenges that Christianity has to face in the contemporary Europe. Rapid progress in the technical civilization makes life of the people easier but - on the other side - confronts us with completely new problems and urges us to look for the appropriated understanding of new challenges and for finding correct responses to them. In particular this includes to find the good and comprehensive way of speech about main Christian values, because in the time of new medial communication and globalization, quite a lot of what some decades earlier had a clear and understandable meaning for all people of Europe, in the modern time became less clear or has changed the meaning.

Globalization forces us to look for the appropriate Christian response to the problems and needs of our brothers in other parts of the world. The urgent and very difficult challenge is connected with migration of the people from the countries touched by war, cataclysms or hunger.

I hope that this conference organized by Siiaec will help us to understand better the problems of contemporary Europe and to find the Christian answer to them and I wish you a good and fruitful stay In Warsaw.


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