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The winter session of the Conference of INGOs will take place from 22 to 26 January 2018 (calendar). During the political debate on the situation of NGOs in the Member States, the representative of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights will present the report on the Challenges facing civil society working on human rights in the EU. The speakers will discussed the freedom of association and NGO participation in public policies in Estonia and Serbia.

Please find enclosed the Recommendation 2105 (2017) adopted by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on ‘Promoting integrity in governance to tackle political corruption’.

A relevant report written by a panel of people with int. experience in various fields...downloaded by more than half a million people. Insights about the future, mega trends, and the global governance we need to face the challenges.

Executive Summary

As the world slowly emerges from the devastating Financial Crisis, it is time to reflect on the lessons of this turbulent period and think afresh about how to prevent future crises.

This tribune is based on Pascal Lamy's speech, President of Honour of Notre Europe - Jacques Delors Institute and General Director of the World Trade Organisation, during the 5th edition of the World Policy Conference organised in Cannes (France) on 8 december 2012 on an IFRI initiative. He reviews achievements and difficulties of the global governance and suggests avenues for progress.

This document, written by Kevin Ahern/IMCS for the CIDSE Working Group on Global Governance, summarizes the reflections of the CIDSE–Caritas Internationalis Background Paper: “Working Towards Progressive Global Governance” published in April 2004. The Working Group would like to thank Fr. Pete Henriot/Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection and Lorna Gold/Trócaire for their valuable inputs as well as Secours Catholique/Caritas France, Pax Romana and ALBOAN for contributing to the French and Spanish translations.

 Introduction and background


For the last few years, global governance has been an important cross-cutting issue in the advocacy work of CIDSE and Caritas Internationalis (CI). This booklet summarizes the reflections contained in the paper ‘Working Towards Progressive Global Governance1’ (2004). One of the main goals of the paper was to identify the basic values and principles of Global Governance based on Catholic Social Teaching which informs CIDSE and CI’s advocacy on global governance. In its turn, this booklet seeks to outline the most important features of the paper in order to raise greater awareness on the important issues surrounding global governance.

  1. More than 300 participants from all Catholic dioceses of Kenya and representatives of more than 40 countries of all continents gathered in Nairobi, Kenya from July 20 to 26, 2008 around the theme of "Global Governance, Global Justice: Africa as a Symbol and a Reality" for an International Conference organized by Pax Romana ICMICA MIIC.
  2. We recalled that our world today is facing, more than ever, pressing challenges that require urgent responses at all levels of governance to bring about justice for all, in a manner that respects human dignity and promotes sustainable development.
  3. With hope, we discovered that we are citizens of the world, and from this perspective we think and act glocally searching for common goals even though we still have to learn how to work together.