On November 251h and 261h of this year, 2016, the Joan Maragall Foundation - a Barcelona center dedicated to the dialogue between faith and culture - and Obra Social "La Caixa" organized the International Symposium "State and religion and their relationship in today's pluralistic democracies" at the Palau Macaya. This event completed the reflection that the Joan Maragall Board of Trustees has dedicated to a topic that has lately been the object of their concern.

     With this symposium, the Joan Maragall Foundation and the Palau Macaya intend to encourage debate and reflection on today's challenges for religion and the emergence of religious pluralism in democratic societies today, especially in Europe.

Video interview

Hungarian society is highly divided, fighting against one another. Catholic hierarchy is also divided, between bishops supporting the government and other skeptical and keeping silence. Information is mainly emotional with very short analytical or theological reflection, and public statements are driven, more by political than theological reasons. Curent situation may come from communist past which has raised a strong seeking for state identity. Pax Romana wants to create open spaces of discussion for the civil society. Presenting facts can be very helpful.