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"Communicating Across Generations: Defining the Challenge of New Language, New Media, New Reach"

I will be addressing the issue of empowering youth to be on an equally relevant platform in order for collaboration to be meaningul. Pax Romana is in a unique position because we have been working towards this ideal for years. Our NGO was founded in 1921 as a youth organization for University students who stood together for a message of peace and justice. As those young people eventually became older professionals, a new branch of Pax Romana was born in 1947. And so today, our organization is made up of a student movement (The International Movement of Catholic Students) and a professional movement (The International Catholic Movement for Intellectual and Cultural Affairs), each with their own international teams and unique national movements. The team that I work with here represents both movements, as Pax Romana’s effort to present a united front as one organization with two complementary branches.