I am grateful to you all for being with us at this critical time. We, in Youhanabad are going through many temptations so certainly we need your moral and spiritual support to rise again in faith and love of God.

Now a few updates from Youhanabad is as below:

+ the rangers are outside the Youhanabad and the police is in all the streets and corners.

+till 10 am the shops are open .

+ morning Holy Mass in being celebrated.


+on 18th march, a live tele cast was being held on chanal SAMAH, but it was not a helpful source to prompt peace between C+M but the anchor person was strong enough to proove that the we are wrong …. at one side he said we promote Peace in church and at the same time he said the kind of education you give to your youth that they were worse.

+ the reaction was so strong by us. but the eye witnesses say that because they had the weapons that is why the police caught them and they were in the vehicle of the police. the crowed then said that the police will leave them same so they drag them from vehicle , beated them and burnt them.

On tuesday a church in mustafa abad, Kasur, had been burnt and the people are being asked to leave the place, because a boy who was burnt was from that place.

+ the government is spoiling our case: to make it weak, they are giving the coverage at  Tv that we are at fault, and they did not mentioned about the church at mustafa abad.

+ today after the Friday prayer of M. we are expecting them as they normaly do, so keep us in your prayers. I will continue with you, but now i need to leave you because it  my prayer time. God bless you all.