Nowadays we are constantly  in a great trouble. We need your prayers at this time of agony.  

+ we are  being threatened by near by area people .

+ people have again moved to their save places. ( a very few number is here).

+ 3% students were in the schools today.


+ the boy of age, 13 – 22 are being taken for inquiries. ( less number in boys school)

+ the police is around and in our area.

+ people are in constant fear

+ the local people are also afraid to go to their jobs because they are asked different questions, and they want to catch them from their answers only.

+ the government ‘s focus is only the burnt ones now.

+ the local political leaders are now helping the government to arrest.

So, my friends our God is the Just God He will do all things right, Let pray together for the peace of our country. God Bless us all.