Friends, now the  70% life is back to normal the rest 30 % will be after Easter holidays hopefully. The markets in here are half open because of the fear of getting arrested. There are more than 100 boys and young boys and men arrested by the CIA . They are kept in the cells and given no food there and no washroom facilitilies. This is what I heard, I haven’t seen.

A list of 17  wanted people have been given to the political and religious leaders, and the demand is to provide these ones and get the other ones, these whom they have just taken.
Our religious leaders are now deciding to educate our youth how to be Christ like in practice christanity.
Interfaith dialogue are being held to break the tension between the both patries of christians and muslims.
Two  injured men died yesterday. Today was the funeral.
What we need in school, is to arrange for the psychatric for the students and to organize progragms for their growth, the very young students are still under shock.
On Friday a day of prayer and fasting was dedicated in order to pray for all what had happened and whatever is going on.

Please if you need any information please do ask!