I am presently at Youhanabad  since 2 years, I am working in St John’s Boys school Youhanabad. Catholic Church is situated on the same road of my school. Fortunately or unfortunately the blast just happened outside the gate in both the churches. The local security guards of the both churches were brave enough that they didn’t allow suicide boomers to let in the church .

The martyrs were being buried yesterday. Now the injured ones are still in the hospitals and the doctors of government hospitals asks the lot of money for their treatments were as it is the responsibility of the present government. The catholic church announced that if not government, then they themselves will provide  the proper treatment to the affected ones.

Now another issue which the government is raising is : they ‘burnt the muslims’ which is in fact true but because the were packed with the weapons and they were firing so they caught them and in their defense they stoned and burnt it which is not according to the law of the Lord neither a law of human rirgts.    

Now the Muslims specially the relatives of the Burnt ones want to burn the whole  of Youhanadab, like Shanty nagar, Sangla hill and  Joseph Coloney. Many from Youhanabad had gone to there villages or to the relatives to spend some days till the situation is under control.

There is another thing that the muslims have also atteacked the Batheniya Church which is situated right on the road.

+ now the latest is that the Muslims want to attack us after the Friday prayers.

+ just to divert the mind of the Christians they are promoting the issue of the burnt ones

+ they are arresting the poor and the sinless innocent people 

+ the markets are closed, there is nothing to eat in the houses.

+ schools are closed and may be re-open on 24th march at 2015.

+people are leaving their houses and moving to their possible save places.

Kindly keep us in your prayers, as we are in constant fear. May God bless us all. AMEN