Role of Art as an actor and a vehicle for peace

     Art as a cultural and motivating expression of feelings, coming from the heart of the society is a powerful tool for the service of the common good welfare.  Art has a social function beyond the aesthetic and it is a key element in the integral development of peoples. Art is a great tool to unite society, therefore education must take into account its potential to affirm cultural identity and createwellbeing, which are essential for a culture of peace.

     In the most vulnerable populations, strong state intervention is needed  to create an alliance between art, culture and education. It must directly invest in strengthening the cultural heritage and artistic potential of the excluded sectors to ensure access, equality and inclusión, in order to make real the vision of the 2030 educational agenda “leaving no one behind”.

Creativity of Youth

 Art, Humanism and Spirituality are three key aspects to focus youth’s education today.

Humanism places primary importance on the person. Each one is unique and unrepeatable, full of promising potential that must be accompanied to reach its maximum development. It is a matter of encouraging each human being to become a person living in harmony with his/her times, committed to a better future.

Spirituality is the deepest dimension of our very being: beliefs, ideals, utopias, passions… It is what gives a new dimension to our humanity, makes us aware that we are God’s creatures, makes us ready to live intensely according to his will, to let ourselves be led by his Spirit, to stretch out our hands to build his Kingdom.

Art is the essential medium for human communication, especially appreciated by young people today. In this medium, all that the person is can be integrated without finding barriers. It puts into contact different cultures and languages, enables us to dialogue without words, to express ourselves freely and generously, and to communicate with each other in a universal language…

Art, Humanism and Spirituality  is a pilgrimage through the human heart, encouraging the expression of profound life situations in works of art in an individual and group journey and through different experiences in many  educational centers around the world today.