Migration in Europe: Call for united political will, commitment to Council of Europe standards and durable solutions

In order to successfully tackle the challenges linked to migration, there needs to be “a clear, principled and holistic approach by the Organisation covering all areas of migration management”, said the Special Representative of the Secretary General on Migration and Refugees, Tomáš Boček, in his first activity report, published today.

More stringent border controls have led to a steady fall in the overall number of new arrivals in Europe, although it is likely that refugees and migrants will continue to arrive in significant numbers over the next years. The challenge for member states will be to ensure that the measures they adopt to reduce migration flows and to return failed asylum-seekers respect human rights standards. A further challenge will be to put in place policies to promote the inclusion of refugees and migrants with the right to remain in Europe.

The Organisation should continue to press for solidarity among its member states and to uphold the right to apply for asylum. This means zero tolerance towards pushbacks at borders and simplified access to asylum procedures.

“A fair system which grants protection to those in need is a more credible system, and makes the case for returning those not granted protection status stronger”, the Special Representative said.