Pax Romana Journal is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed annual publication of the movement for literature reviews, research and opinion pieces on specific contemporary social issues. Key themes, include but are not limited to:

  • Human rights;
  • Democracy, good governance and global governance;
  • Themes on the United Nations agenda;
  • Faith, church reform, synodality, and lay participation;
  • Youth participation and advocacy;
  • Climate change and ecological justice;
  • Intercultural/interreligious dialogue.

Each of these themes is approached from the perspective of Catholic Social Teaching with the goal of promoting peace, justice and mercy, in service of the common good of the poor and the Earth.

Pax Romana Journal 2020 Theme – “Beyond COVID19: A Comprehensive Perspective

​Covid-19 currently has spread to almost all the countries and territories in the world. It has forced humanity to re-examine every aspect of life on Mother Earth and raises new questions about the current neo- liberal socio-economic and political order, the relationship of Catholics to the church and the sacraments; the role of government and intergovernmental action in healthcare, and the relationship between peoples in forced of isolation.

Scientists have calculated that the COVID-19 epidemic may kill millions of people. But even before the virus there were so many other issues such as hunger, poverty, war, climate change, and inequality which caused millions of deaths all over the world. As we recognize the fragility and the cruelty of the current social order, it has given us another chance to look for alternatives to stop a future disaster and also to address the long due issues in the society.

The full document: Pax Romana Journal 2020 – Call for Submissions