– Using Google Meet is very simple, it does not require any application to download. Just connect to the conference website: https://meet.google.com/ followed by the conference code
– If you’ve never used it before, let us know. To be sure, we’ll do a test beforehand.
– The conference website will be open 30 minutes before the beginning. It allows participants to check the connection. if you can’t connect, you can leave me a message on WhatsApp to the organizer.
– Once you have logged into the conference you can open the chat area on the right side of the screen, by clicking on a button on the top right of the screen. The writing zone is at the bottom of the chat zone. It can be used during the conference to share ideas, raise questions, according to the orientations of the moderator.
– Participants must keep closed their microphones while not speaking. The technical manager can close a microphone if needed, for example when it creates noisy perturbations
– Usually conferences are registered to produce a video report for everybody. Participants are supposed to agree. In case someone disagrees, please tell it as soon as possible, and before the beginning.