The liturgy team is composed of members who have a role during the Pentecost celebration. Below is the list of the services to provide and the names of people in charge of them. There are still few members to ask for contribution.

Presentaton of the liturgy

Luis Maria and Marina

Welcoming and answering.

1- Welcoming: these people will make the first personal presentations at the beginning.  The objective is to give the style: Name and country, one challenge to share, total 10 seconds.

2- Answering: Sometimes an answer is expected from the assembly, which is impossible because all the micros remain closed. For example when the priest expects the answer “Amen”. These people are appointed to give these answers on behalf of the assembly, (non forgetting to open the micro for that!)


Playing: Sandra and Julian Lopez


The Gospel and the questions are already translated in the program. But translations are needed during the time of sharing.  It is rather  an “Interpretation”, than a translation. The objective is to summarize what has been said by a participant and to write it in the “Chat” zone.

English to French:
French to English:

Spanish to French
French to Spanish

English to Spanish
Spanish to English:

Reading the Gospel

French: Maria (Nairobi)
Spanish: Somone (Spain)

Launching the debate.

These people will give the first contributions to the questions presented by Jojo after the Gospel. (see the program). The objective is to give the style: short (3 minutes max), related to the experience of life.
English: Tiziano
French: Chantal
Spanish:  Imcs