We had planned to celebrate our assembly this year linked with the centenary of Pax Romana in 2021. Unfortunately, the COVID Pandemic makes planning a traditional in-person assembly impossible. As with other organizations, we are forced to organize the 2021 assembly in a digital /online format.

Instead of an in-person meeting of several days, our assembly will be organized throughout the year 2021, with particular intensity from September to December. This process will conclude with the final online meeting on 11 and 12 December 2021. This new formula does not allow for physical meetings, but it will offer more time for exchange and maturation of reflection. We hope that there will be a chance for an in-person celebration in 2022 to end the Centenary Year.

But the formula has to be invented, and we would like to do this with all the representatives of the member movements of ICMICA. As a preliminary step, we need the names of the main contact person or persons for us to communicate with in the coming months from each movement/organization. Member movements/federations may submit more than one contact.

Please select a member to be your main contact and others who will be involved in this process this year by filling in the registration form here:   https://forms.gle/bkRru24cPcWDcyB66 (One registration form per person).

For those parts of the process that are subject to voting, the rules remain the same as in our last assembly in Barcelona. Constituent members having paid their membership fees since the last plenary assembly have the right to vote. In concrete terms this means having paid the four years from 2017 to 2020. We will soon discuss this issue with you.

We hope to design an interactive and synodal process that can address the realities facing Catholic professionals and intellectuals today and consider how Pax Romana can respond in the future.  We wish to make this year 2021 a beautiful experience of world community life,

The Icmica Council,