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The International Catholic Movement for Intellectual and Cultural Affairs (ICMICA-Pax Romana) is a global community of Catholic intellectuals and professionals engaged in the world with a spirituality of action. Inspired by the Gospel and the Catholic social tradition, we support our members to think, reflect and act on concrete issues facing our world and our church.  As a movement, we have identified the following five  shared commitments to guide our work in the coming years: Democracy, Migration, the Future of the Church, Dialogue and Peace.

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Our commitment today

Through this we aim at making people think on the same issue for a period of time. Each member can contribute through comments and.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus reminds us that our human family is deeply interconnected. This is a reality that we cannot escape. As international movement we are called to respond to global problems with global solidarity and we remain committed to support our members in this unpresented crisis. We do it through organizing regular online debates between different countries. Have a look below on “Global debates” and please share your reflections on our social media pages.


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Covid in Italy, USA and Hong Kong.

Covid in Bangladesh and USA

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