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We are happy to inform you that we have started a movement named "Future Watch Movement", organized by some Catholic Professionals who were involved in YCS and BCSM (Bangladesh Catholic Student Movement) earlier. Our main objective is to Develop Social and Political Awareness among professionals to build a Just Society.

The first initiative was taken by Bro. Leo James Pereira in 2000. At first we named our group as "Ex-YCSers Forum" as all of us were active in YCS movement in different time period. We had some informal meetings sometimes regularly, sometimes irregularly on various kind social and political issues. We also had done some Church Analysis on the basis of II Vatican Documents.

In 2013 we thought to move in more organized way to involve more professional in our movement.We are going to organize our first public event 1st May 2014 in occasion of May Day. It will be a half day seminar on the topic, "Role of Christian Professionals in building a Just Society." Dr. Faustina Pereira will be the main speaker. The program schedule is as following:

 08:30 am - Registration
09:00 am - Mass
10:30 am - History of Future Watch Movement
11:00 am - Main Speech
11:30 am - Q & A Session
11:45 am - Panel Discussion
12:30 pm - Plan of Action
01:30 pm - Vote of Thanks

Please give your suggestions, share your activities and ideas. You can join in our  Facebook Group to interact with us more closely. The URL is 


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