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Merry Christmas 2016 and Happy New Year 2017.

We hope that next year will be economically, socially and politically better. In Indonesia, the group of the Muslim extremists have shown an anti christian attitude. Recently there was a large demonstration opposing the major of Jakarta, who will run for the next period governor post. It was the biggest demonstration ever made in Jakarta. 

Fortunately the government of Indonesia under Jokowi presidency is firmly protecting the rights of minority, which is written in the constitution. It has been found several bombs intended to be used for the churches at the Christmas nights. It was fortunate that the polices have been continuously agile and speedily acting to capture the extremist groups.

But in reality, the majority of the population are not against the Christians, but the small extremists have their network and means to act. Some of them have been trained in the Middle East, the ISIS group.

I hope that French and all European Christian countries are protected by the God's mercy.

Today: Nabire, Paniai Regency, Papua Province: In 12 July 2016,  at 10.00 am (Papua times), Deserius Goo a member of KNPB ( National Committee for West Papua) was arrested by police and has been detained at the police station  when he printed banners about Papuan peoples support ULMWP to become full member of MSG in MTC Digital Printing, Nabire city, Paniai Regency - Papua. 


Central Executive Board of the Student Association of the Central Mountain Papua Indonesia strongly condemned the actions of the Police and Defence Forces who have breached the State's Constitution and democratic values of the country which known globally as a country upholds its democratic values.