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1) Woori Theological Institute (WTI) in Korea

Background Information

The world is undergoing rapid and global changes, and humankind is facing the most critical turning point in history. Korea, a divided country, is not an exception. The changes occurring under the umbrella of 'globalization' or the 'information age', have been creating a new pastoral environment where the Church is working for the salvation of all peoples. The Catholic Church in Korea, in the face of the evangelical task for the year 2000, has been recently facing internal crises such as an increased number of inactive lay people and a slowdown of the growth rate.

First of all, a reflection and discernment on the signs of times need to be made in the light of faith in advance, and research activities should be made to develop action models based on faith. WTI as a member of the Church strives to develop "Our Theology," which people and history require, through research and action. In this context the WTI, after a few years' preparation, was formally founded on January 17, 1994.

WTI was founded with the purpose of, according to the gospel spirit of Christ, developing "Our Theology" with an analysis of and reflection on our social reality and to contribute to the renewal and unity of the church as well as to the evangelization of the nation.


Main activities

a. Education and Training

b. Solidarity Activities

c. Pastoral Consulting

d. Research Activities

e. Pastoral Information and Research

Direction of the Activities

2) Korean Catholic Women Community (KCWC)

The Korean Catholic Women's Community for a New World (KCWC) is a voluntary lay women's group set up in April 1993 to improve the situation of women both in the Church and in society. It has greatly contributed to disseminating information about the comfort women's issue (women forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese military during World War II). It also published a book entitled 'Why Do You Speak With Her?' for use in workshops studying the Bible from a feminist perspective.

a. Goals

The goals of KCWC are to create solidarity among Catholic women, to take an interest in women's issues both within and outside of the Church, to promote the personal growth of women, to contribute to reform in the Church and to build a just and peaceful society.

b. Membership

About 130 members belong to the KCWC; most are women although there are a few men, the age and occupations of members vary greatly.

c. Major Activities During the Last Five Years Education
d. Research
e. Women's Liturgy
f. Solidarity Activities
g. Public Relations
h. Special Events
i. Evaluation on Seoul Forum in highlighting women's issue