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ICAN -Nepal partner with SPARSHA Nepal IF you need this Program is your community Please contact us.

The overall objective of Community Rapid HIV Testing and Treatment Program 2014 is a regular program and inform on the importance of HIV testing, counsel, promote condom use, test and link into the HIV care and support continuum to the people of high risk areas in Kathmandu Valley. It is estimated that about 300 people are tested per month and advocate to the government for the inclusion of rapid community HIV testing module in the national response to the epidemics.

The program will use strategic approaches including creating and increasing demand and availability of HIV testing services and of knowing HIV status, with the formation of working committee, developing a guideline/ TOR, mobilization of human resources. It will hold a joint meeting with partner NGO and make a clear understanding of the program and finally form a working committee to lead the program guidance and monitoring.

The most vulnerable groups who are most likely to get infected and/or infect others like: migrant workers, IDUs, FSWs, Truck drivers, bus drivers, who travel in the highway, Youth (in teens) – out-of - and in-school, General population.

The expected outcomes of the program are as follows:
- A network of community partners and healthcare providers created on HIV testing
- Increased access to HIV testing and condom promotion
- Positive change in high risk behavior
- Advocacy to promote community rapid testing program

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