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Every early morning you find her there.

Day in, day out – Kiran Masih broom in hand is sweeping across Ayub Market, in F- 8 Markaz Islamabad.

The dust settles on her tired face with wrinkles and those sturdy callused hands, all while she shrugs off and brings back the dupatta to cover her hair.

Our Culture allows women to practice prostitution, but it’s difficult to allow her to practice profession Like Lawyer, Doctor, and teacher. Girls Schools are being destroyed by the extremist, but prefer to look for the female doctors for maternal issues for wives. People appreciate to have female partner and get married to but always keeping the desire of having a baby Boy standing at the front of the delivery room. Is it STRANGE?

     Empowering Youth in Education and Skills (EYES) conducted the one day awareness seminar for women on the topic of “Women Protection Law & Status of Religious Minorities in Pakistan” with the religious minorities of Pakistan in Sahiwal on 23rd of March 2016 with collaboration of ICMICA, Active Youth Group, International Christian Concern and Servants of Christ (SOC).  EYES is working for religious freedom through advocacy and human rights

     There were 40 Women and 10 Men from Muslim, Sikh, Baha’i and Christian faith. Seminar was led by Mr. Tariq Abi Nazr who is founder and president of SOC Int’l.  Tariq said that rights of religious minorities often violated and the justice system also fails to protect them. In fact the presence of discriminatory laws in the constitution legitimize the victimization of religious minorities.

In Pakistan, freedom of religion exists but only on paper because the number of incidents affecting religious minorities continues to rise like anything. Just take the case of Sana Shahid, a thirteen year old Christian girl that was abducted last year in November by some Muslim men.

Sana Shahid was targeted for abduction just because she was a member of a Christian family living in a Muslim majority neighborhood in Sialkot. Later, she emerged back into the scene with a Muslim identity and married to one of her kidnappers.

On this women day. We might have heard of many messages and contribution of the males in empowering women. Many Qouted statements from the church leaders they are supporting women empowerment strongly. Meanwhile, condemning the women violation all over the world. But today I request dear males to peep inside the soul. Are they sure?? Just To peep inside the (church) rather than legislation. Laws and church are made to facilitate their people to share the love of God not to impose but to accept. Not to condemn but to forgive.

On 2nd March 2011, Shahbaz Bhatti,  Federal Minister for Minority affairs had been shot dead by armed militants in Islamabad. Shahbaz was shot dead at the I-8/3 area of Islamabad by three armed assailants who could not be unidentified. Reports had claimed that outlawed and banned Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) had claimed responsibility for the attack.


Human Rights Day 2015

Our Rights Our Freedoms Always

Active Youth Group, Woori Theological Institute and Pax Romana Pakistan jointly celebrated the International Human Rights Day in Pakistan on December 10, 2015 in Jinnah Public Library Hall, Sahiwal in which 50 students of different universities and colleges participated. The purpose of this event was to celebrate the human rights day and also create awareness among the youth of Pakistan about UDHR and its importance in our lives.

An enraged mob set an Ahmadi place of worship on fire in Punjab's Jhelum district on Saturday, following Friday night's arson attack on a factory.The place of worship was located in the Kala Gujran area of Jhelum, which was under guard of local police forces.The mob managed to break through the police cordon which was established to safeguard the Ahmadi places of worship, following Friday night's unrest.