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A Christian couple were burnt alive by the Kiln Owner and Enraged Mob on 4th Nov, 2014 . Shahzed Masih and His wife Shama Bibi were the resident of Chack-No-59 near Kot Rada kishan .
Shahzad took the loan from the Kiln owner and started working with his family in the Kiln of Muhammad Yousaf Gujjar. However on 3rd Nov, 2014 at night the announcement was made from different mosques in Kasur district that Shahzed Masih and Shama Bibi have torn the pages of Quran and they have committed Blasphemy against the Koran.

Pakistan jointly celebrated the International Peace Day in Sacred Heart Parish Sahiwal. Fr. Raphael Mehnga led the event and offered prayers for the peace in whole world. SundaySchools kids sung the peace Songs and made the Peace sign.

The Youth of Don Bosco Youth Services, Matunga and the Youth of Sacred Heart Parish, Sahiwal had a skype meet on 10th August 2014.  There were 12 youth and 1 priest from Pakistan and 6 youth and 2 priests from India. The meeting began with a prayer said by Fr. Raphael followed by briefing the youth in India about the history of the parish in Sahiwal. Fr. Glenford then introduced the works done at Don Bosco. After this basic introduction, each youth from both the sides came forward and introduced themselves. The introduction was like an ice breaker, where the youth were getting to know each other and expressing their joy with a big smile and laughing over things mutually. It was indeed a new experience for youth on both sides. The importance of the Indo-Pak dialogue was shared by Marina and Ashiknaz. The youth on both sides then shared the activities that they do in their respective youth groups. The challenges in terms of education and employment were discussed. There was also an exchange of culture in relation to festivals and freedom of expression. The youth answered each other’s questions one by one. The youth were touched to find a common platform in faith and expressed their ideas on being committee to their faith. The youth on both sides showed solidarity with each other and exchanged message on peace. The meeting ended with a prayer said by Fr. Cleophus and both the groups decided to continue to build their solidarity with each other. This skype meet encouraged youth to network with other youth movements and share the spirit of humanity and stand up for human rights. 


It's World Refugee Day and today the UN reported that the number of refugees, asylum-seekers and internally displaced people worldwide has, for the first time in the post-World War II era, exceeded 50 million people.
Please pray today for all the families who've been forced to leave their homes with nothing, in fear for their lives.

 Growing up as a member of the Christian minority in Pakistan, I have often observed how the laws provide inadequate protection for our community, and those inadequacies have dramatically increased. Another incident of vandalism and madness against Christians over allegations of blasphemy has resulted in the burning of houses and more injured innocents. The list of persecutions against minorities in Pakistan is endless and horrible, as I have often witnessed first hand.

One such ruthless incident happened in Joseph Colony, a Christian enclave southwest of Lahore, where a mob set fire to hundreds of homes and two churches on March 9 last year after rumors spread that a young Christian had insulted the Prophet Mohammed. Police officer Multan Khan said the incident started on a Friday when a young Muslim man accused Sawan Masih of committing blasphemy.

People long for peace says cross border peace activist Fr Joe Kalathil SJ. Joe narrates his hope filled experience of travel in Pakistan to Victor Edwin SJ.

I went to Lahore, Pakistan, in November, 2012. The purpose of my visit was to establish people to people contact between Indians and Pakistanis. First step was to help both the people of India and Pakistan to abandon the ‘inimical attitude’ they have for one another and start thinking of building bridges not walls between them. This people to people contact was initiated through the senior school students. I took with me 35 letters from 35 Indian students, addressed to ‘unknown friends of Pakistan. In Pakistan I spoke to the students of five schools in Lahore and brought back 92 letters for their Indian friends! A beautiful miracle! Not only students, the teachers also joined in this movement. Some of the trade union activists from Lahore also extended their co-operation for this movement. The positive response I received from the people of Pakistan to this plan was much beyond my expectations.

It is to inform you that due to some reason the Seminar on "Rights of Christians in Pakistan" is been cancelled and is also informed that the upcoming activities of CYDM (Christian Youth Development Movement) are also stopped for an unknown period of time. As soon there will be any update regarding the activities of CYDM you will be notified.

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