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                 - Shamiel Saleem

Christian Youth Development Movement (CYDM) and International Christian Concern (ICC) visited an Orphanage Home for Girls called "ABBA HOME" situated in Youhanabad (Lahore – Pakistan) on 27th October 2013 (Sunday) at 12:00 pm. Abba Home is place where 35 orphan Christian girls are being raised with all the basic needs and facilities needed by any normal growing up girl.

These girls get education, food, recreational facilities, religious education, awareness on child rights and how to live as responsible citizens knowing their rights and responsibilities towards society; they are being empowered and build capacities from the beginning so they can live a healthy strong life being a girl/woman.


Christian Youth Development Movement (CYDM) is a group of qualified and dedicated Christian Catholic students who have started working voluntarily for the uplift of Christian youth in Pakistan through various means and different activities of Informal Education, creating awareness of their role and importance as a minority, how they have to live as minority, spiritual formations, peace makers and how to resolve conflicts at their level/peer groups/communities and CYDM is ecumenical, welcoming people from all Christian traditions and encouraging dialogue between students of different traditions. It was founded in 2011 and since then all team made the effort to take the community and students go in the positive direction where they can set and achieve their own targets. All team put their best and do according to their capacities and the courage given by the almighty God.



Our Vision is to provide a platform to the Christian youth so they can uplift themselves socially, economically and spiritually.



Our Mission is to help Christian youth to develop their insights and to create an environment which will promote Education, Sports, Peace/Peace Education and voluntarism. The basic aim is to encourage, train, aware Youth of themselves and make them confident so they make a difference and build bridges around the world.


CYDM objectives are:

ž  To spread the word of God and strengthen individual’s own faith

ž   To identify measures to promote intercultural and interreligious tolerance and acceptance

ž  To Empower youth through peace, education and sports 

ž  To eliminate discrimination and respect differences

ž  To promote the spirit of Authentic search for knowledge


The twin bomb blasts in Peshawar killed around 85 innocent Christians. Christians constitute a tiny minority of 1.8% in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, they are second class citizens, with death penalty for those who desecrate the name of Muhammad.