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  • Religion as minority
  • Youth as minority
  • Women as minority

 Minority as Religion:

 Pakistan is the 6th most populous country among 160 countries of the world. Pakistan is facing many problems like other Asian Countries in the world. It is a under developed country facing many social, political and economic issues. Religious extremism is the burning issue that we Pakistani are facing after 9/11. 

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Young people, women, christians, are minorities. How to change things without political representation? Education from grassroot level should play an important role.

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Asian Youth Academy/ Asian Theological Forum 2015

Notre Dame De Vie Retreat House

Quezon City Philippines

16 Aug-25 Aug, 2015

 Early life: Augustine was born in 354 in Taguste Africa. His mother Monica was a very virtuous woman. His father was a pagan but before death he accepted Christianity. Augustine’s family name was Aurelius. His ancestors were originally from Rome.

He was sent to school approximately 9km away from Taguste at the age of 11 years. There he was introduced with the traditions of pagans. When he uses to recall his childhood he told that the first mischief which he did along with his friends was to steal fruit from neighbor’s house. He explains his theft in his several books especially in “Confessions”. He explained that he did not steal the fruits to fill his appetite but he was restricted to do that. It is human instinct that if we stop anybody for doing wrong he will do it. Therefore Augustine’s dearth was to do wrong things. In his book “confession” he writes that I love my mistakes and that’s why I do not make mistakes unknowingly instead knowingly be I used to do Only and only he wanted to satisfy myself. He concluded this result from all these events that human nature attracts easily towards evil and every time human nature looking for God’s mercy and grace.

According to the recent media reporting more than 700 natives of Karachi Pakistan have lost their lives due to heat wave strokes. This is the most terrible catastrophe occurred in these two to three days in Pakistan. Government is not taking serious measures on climate change whereas the other countries around the world are screaming loudly about climate justice.

UN Office Geneva from 01st -05th June 2015

Participants of Sharing Session

Staff Members & Students from Forman Christian College Lahore, Kinnaird College Lahore, St. Anthony High School Lahore and Interfaith Commission for Community Development Lahore, Pakistan

Dated 08th June 2015, about one hour sharing session was organized at Lahore Pakistan. The video-link sharing session was about my recent experience during International Labor Conference 2015, UN Session Geneva Switzerland as an observer and to do lobby work. A mixed gender group of young students and professionals named Ms Anika Samuel, Ms. Hina Yousaf, Ms. Beenish Daood (Sociology Department), Mr. Nadeem Tabassum (Bio Informatics Department), Mr. Raheel Romail (Computer Science Department), Ms. Sarah Julian (Food Safety Department), Mr. Nobel Waris (Bio Technology Department), Mr. Qindeel Rabbani (Computer Science Department), Mr. Kamil Dass (College Student), Mr. Faran Najam CIMA (Accounting) Mr. Faris Najam HND (Business Department) and Mr. Danish (Former Member of IMCS Lahore, Pakistan).

Friends, now the  70% life is back to normal the rest 30 % will be after Easter holidays hopefully. The markets in here are half open because of the fear of getting arrested. There are more than 100 boys and young boys and men arrested by the CIA . They are kept in the cells and given no food there and no washroom facilitilies. This is what I heard, I haven't seen.

Nowadays we are constantly  in a great trouble. We need your prayers at this time of agony.  

+ we are  being threatened by near by area people .

+ people have again moved to their save places. ( a very few number is here).

+ 3% students were in the schools today.