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 Early life: Augustine was born in 354 in Taguste Africa. His mother Monica was a very virtuous woman. His father was a pagan but before death he accepted Christianity. Augustine’s family name was Aurelius. His ancestors were originally from Rome.

He was sent to school approximately 9km away from Taguste at the age of 11 years. There he was introduced with the traditions of pagans. When he uses to recall his childhood he told that the first mischief which he did along with his friends was to steal fruit from neighbor’s house. He explains his theft in his several books especially in “Confessions”. He explained that he did not steal the fruits to fill his appetite but he was restricted to do that. It is human instinct that if we stop anybody for doing wrong he will do it. Therefore Augustine’s dearth was to do wrong things. In his book “confession” he writes that I love my mistakes and that’s why I do not make mistakes unknowingly instead knowingly be I used to do Only and only he wanted to satisfy myself. He concluded this result from all these events that human nature attracts easily towards evil and every time human nature looking for God’s mercy and grace.


He went to Carthag to get education in the age of 17 years. He read many books of philosopher during his study in Carthag no doubt he brought up in the Christian environment instead he did not baptized yet. This act was depressing his mother. She used to pray that his son Augustine should take baptism, give up all his bad habits and be the true follower of God.

Augustine spent lots of time to satisfy his physical desires in his youth. At that time Augustine wrote a prayer “clean me my Lord, but not now, In the age 15 years he fell in love with a girl who conceive a son. However his mother’s wish was to marry him with a good character woman like her.

Conversion: In 386 Augustine was 31 years old when he heard his friend reading the autobiography of St. Anthony’s of Egypt. He was so inspired that he heard a voice saying ‘Getup and Read’. He opened the Holy bible and started reading the very first page he found first. The very first verse he recited from Romans Chapter 13: 13-14  The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armor of light. Let us walk honestly, as in the day; not in rioting and drunkenness, not in chambering and wantonness, not in strife and envying. But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfill the lusts thereof.

Augustine’s autobiography is a famous pillar of history where he accepts his mistakes and thanks God for His grace. In his Confession he discuss about nature, time, reason, and free will and other topics of philosophy. Augustine was baptized Easter night in Milan by St. Ambrose in 387. Augustine’s mother died on the way back from Italy to home near Austiya. After some years past his friend who came from Italy with him was also passed away. He started his religious life along with his friend and gives away all the property to poor and just kept his family house for religious life.

A Great Leader: Augustine ordained in 390, he was the well known leader of that era. He always explained things by giving authentic examples. In 395 he was confirmed as an Auxiliary bishop of (Hippo) and later he declared bishop. That is why he is known as Augustine of Hippo. He wrote his biography ‘Confession’ from 397-398. He wrote a book name ‘The City of God’ to encourage the Christians of Rome.  Except this he wrote a famous book ‘Holy Trinity’. St. Augustine worked day and night tirelessly to preach Christianity to the inhabitants of Hippo. Although being a bishop he left the religious house but still he tried to live as a religious.

St. Augustine talks about the original sin that the original sin came into being by disobedience of Adam and Eve. If they wouldn’t have disobeyed God then we would not have long distance among us. But Jesus Christ’s sacrifice has finished all the distances. After doing confession from sins, St. Augustine worked courageously and enthusiastically like St. Paul to preach the Good news to the world. Today we proudly remember him and his efforts in early church leaders. Because he says ‘Love God and do whatever you want’ which means when St. Augustine filled his heart with God’s love then his life changed completely.  Even today Jesus Christ is there for those who are away from Him as the example of St. Augustine. Let’s pray to St. Monica for those who are fallen in earthly luxuries.


Written by

Danish George

ICCD Pakistan 


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