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On this women day. We might have heard of many messages and contribution of the males in empowering women. Many Qouted statements from the church leaders they are supporting women empowerment strongly. Meanwhile, condemning the women violation all over the world. But today I request dear males to peep inside the soul. Are they sure?? Just To peep inside the (church) rather than legislation. Laws and church are made to facilitate their people to share the love of God not to impose but to accept. Not to condemn but to forgive.


As the theme of this year women day is “Make it happen” forced me to make this happen as ordinary simple Pakistani Christian women. Who simply wants to develop herself to the extent she can. But the so called monopolist of the church and leaders don’t want and don’t let her to grow. What about the statements and the prayers??? Christian values always demand the practicality of the words. Not the constructions of the Mercy Gates and the sermons of Mercy on the lent season.

My message throughout the women of the world is Do not stop. Keep moving whether the biggest leader is against you. Who cares if you are right? Just believe yourself and move ahead. Because you are the one who can make this happen. Leadership can’t be handled by the males. Because they can’t absorb that a women is learning and competing to that level. Their dominancy always hurt. My words are harsh at this moment but it’s really hard to terminated and then forcibly resigned by the same management of the church. Where do people go?? I personally condemn this year of mercy as my on soul is thirsty for mercy from the dioceses since 2014. I am a single girl what about the other who may cant raise their voices against discrimination inside the church. What about the hundred thousand christian children who are not acquiring education in the missionary schools in Pakistan. Why there are always a great strength of Muslim students has been seen in the missionary Schools? Why church don’t want us to grow? Why there is no youth empowerment at diocesan level. Why always victims why can’t we generate?

Still I am a brave Pakistani girl. My society has taught me tough lesson while living in the male dominant Islamic society. I can even bear the discrimination from the church. I will assure them that I am WOMEN who can beat every challenge in her life and make it happen.

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