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A protest march organized by the Inter University Students’ Federation was held yesterday. The students went on a demonstration demanding the government to,

  • 1.      Increase Mahapola and Bursary payment to Rs.5000
  • 2.      Increase Funds for Education
  • 3.      Increase Workers’ Wages
  • 4.      Abolish the Fraud Private Medical College in Malambe
  • 5.      End Privatization
  • 6.      End Tuition fees for External Degrees
  • 7.      End Repression of students
  • 8.      End Militarization
  • 9.      End Charging Fees at Schools

During a meeting in the Bishop conference in Paris, Ruki explains he three main objectives of his action:

1 to stop the violences which are still going on, 4 years after the end of the war

2 to make justice after a 30 years war, at least to make crimes acknowledged

3 to understand the root causes of this dreadful history.

Letter to His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith, President, Catholic Bishops Conference of Sri Lanka

The 9th Networking meeting of Asia Pacific Justice and Peace Workers was held in Kandy and Mannar from 3rd to 9th September 2013. We spent a significant amount of time to learn about human rights situation in Sri Lanka and your peoples’ struggles for justice.

One week was not enough for us to understand all issues related to human rights, justice and peace in Sri Lanka, their complexities, and interact with large number of Sri Lankans within and outside the Church. But our interactions with two Catholic Bishops, several Catholic priests, sisters, lay persons
,as well as those affected by injustices and their families in the North enabled us to get some glimpses and form some impressions about the human rights and justice and peace situation in Sri Lanka today.