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  • Prendre le temps pour vivre, pour prier

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    Beppe is President of MEIC: Movimento Ecclesiale d'impegno culturale. (Church movement for commitment in the society). Recently MEIC has participated in the Expo 2015 in Milano, reflecting on food and right to food. Among the main challenges is the future of Europe: the risk to face the migrant crisis by means who contradict the basic values of European Union. 

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    Regarding the political situation of Hungary the government has developped an anti-migrant policy, publishing new laws, building a fence on the southern border of the country. What is the reaction of the catholics? Initiatives have recently ben taken to face this situation.

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    Inspired by Card Newman, the associations organizes reflections on themes as: "Economy, what can I do?", "Crisis in the Church"

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    Racial or economic, there are many divisions in North America. And in an individualistic society it is difficult to bring people together, to reflect and act on this themes.

  • Les gilets jaunes, révolte ou révolution?

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    Marinella is President of the Sicily group of MEIC. Significant part of the current reflection is on environment, necessity of education and changes in the way of thinking. There are still big challenges, as more respect to the law

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  • Des enfants libanais accueillent des enfants réfugiés syriens.

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    Accompagnement des enfants ouvriers au Pérou

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    Les migrants ne sont pas contents de s’arrêter chez nous, ils cherchent le nord de l’Europe. Certains roumains s’opposent parce que cela changerait la composition de l’Europe. Mais il faut aussi pratiquer l’hospitalité chrétienne, comme le disait le pape. (Mais le pays est à majorité orthodoxe).

    Nous avons une longue histoire avec les turcs qui ont représenté pour nous une menace, bien qu’on ait aussi une population turque bien intégrée, avec une tradition de coexistence pacifique. Il y a eu aussi une migration arabe dans les grandes villes, pour faire les études, de médecine par exemple. Mais cette fois-ci l’arrivée est massive. Les chrétiens européens doivent avoir une parole d’hospitalité, mais il faut aussi négocier la situation  dans les pays arabes.

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    Migrants are not happy to stop here, they seek northern Europe. Few romanians oppose because it would change the composition of Europe. But we must also practice Christian hospitality, as said by the Pope. (But the country is predominantly Orthodox).

    We have a long history with the Turkish, who have represented a threat to us, although there is now a well-integrated Turkish population, with a tradition of peaceful coexistence.

    There was also an Arab migration in large cities, to study medicine for example. But this time the arrival is massive.

    European Christians must have a hospitality speech, but we must also negotiate the situation in the Arab countries

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    Slovakia is mainly a transit country for migrants to go to Germany, Scandinavian countries... But people are between the need to help them and the fear for a risk islamisation of the country. Because of the coming elections, migrants become an electoral theme. As christians we must help people to see them as human beings, without forgetting that they have to comply with the national rules.

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    Les défis du MIIC au Congo RDC: Sécurité, droits humains, protection des femmes et des filles, processus électoraux, engagement dans la société, en particulier pour les chrétiens.

  • Interview in english.

    The situation in Poland is very strange. The new government thinks he can do whatever he wants, trying to make the work of tribunal impossible. We are waiting for European commission report to correct it. But the government will not obey. Now we have protests in the streets against government’s dictatorial tendencies. The party won under very traditional catholic slogans. The bishops could not say anything, it was in line of the church’s teaching, but in a pharisean way.

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    Young people, women, christians, are minorities. How to change things without political representation? Education from grassroot level should play an important role.

    Read the corresponding article on minority rights

  •      3 years ago at the World Assembly of the Christian Life Communities in Lebanon there were discussions about the increasing global issue of refugee and migration crisis. At the time in Lebanon, there was approximately 25% of all the inhabitants - refugees, mainly from Syria. Father General Nicholas Adolfo SJ, which is both general of the Jesuit order and ecclesial assistant, has underlined the necessity for CLC to address the issues of migration and refugees in our ministry.