Specialized catholic action among youth


     This document was Jointly prepared by the following throe international movements : International Young Christian Workers, International Movement for Agricultural and Rural Catholic Youth, and the International Young Catholic Students, and thus it has a place in the increasing growth of a closer collaboration among them.  These three movements meet regularly to discuss the common problems that arise in connection with their apostolic work among a large part of the youth that they deal with. They hope to see this international cooperation become intensified on a continental, national, and local basis. This common endeavor, on all of these levels, is becoming a living reality, of real benefit to society and to the Church.

     This collaboration is furthered by the common approach these three movements have for apostolic action among the youth, as this document shows. Since the announcement of the Council, as described in various other documents, tho preparation of ideas concerning the apostolate has been noticeably intensified. It is not, therefore, necessary to repeat the principles already developed in these documents. We wish to develop here our common plan for action in the area confided to us by the Church: youth.

     The apostolate among youth seems particularly important to us at this moment in human history. The transformation of the modern world, in society, politics and religion, poses for the young questions that are often deeply disturbing. The future of the world and of the Church depends upon the answers that this youth, which in certain continents is more than half of the population, will be able to find.

     Our movements, which aim at helping these young people to discover the meaning of their vocation are not, however, the only ones concerned. The political and social organizations of many countries are showing an increasing interest in the matter.  By mandating our movements the Church has recognized the responsibility that is the right of the young laity, and it has entrusted them with an apostolic mission.

The jocist origins of Argentina's theology of the people

Here's a little more background on the Argentinian "theology of the people" now made famous by Pope Francis from an excellent new, little book, Le pape du peuple, which is a series of interviews by Bernadette Sauvaget with the theologian Juan Carlos Scannone.

As noted previously, Scannone, who cites his participation at an important conference organised by ICMICA in Rome in 1974, is one of a trio of Argentinian theologians alongside Lucio Gera and Rafaël Tello, whose influence on Pope Francis he confirms, who were responsible for the development of the theology of the people.