New challenges in Ukrain

There have been huge changes, people started to be volunteer in social or medical activities. It is positive but at the same time it is a challenge for the movement. People felt that prayers and meditation are not enough, they need to do something more. The movement must find another direction. Members felt the necessity to commit themselves in fields linked to their professional expertise, for example in specialized NGOs. But there is no time enough to do everything.

Indifference: Dennis in Kenya

Indifference is what has not been achieved by Pax Romana. We encourage our members to proactively participate in socio economic discussions. We also want to change mindsets, that is why we have a High school student program. Management of resources has always been the problem of Africa. Professionals have a role to play, identifying their own areas of indifferences and moving forward. PR members must redefine themselves as stakeholders in their own affairs, indentifying their own indifference regarding internal resources.

Indifference: Ruki (Sri Lanka)

When we see sufferings and ignore it, that is indifference. We see but don’t want to be concerned. It is more comfortable, because there is no need to share, but it is unchristian. Being christian means to be disturbed by what is going on around you. Indifference can be individual and also collective. Movement activities must always be grounded on what is happening to those who suffer. (Click on the image for the video)

Challenges of young people nowadays in Ukrain

It is a difficult situation with the war in the East of Ukrain. It is very challenging for young people to continue the fight for freedom. It hurts a lot when you see that things don’t happen as you dreamed to. It is not easy to change. We understood that we had to change ourselves, to take responsibilities. Now it is very important to be heard by others and share experiences. Please read the full article.

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Indifference: Djamester in Indonesia

Indifference means inequality of income between and inside countries. It leads to proverty. The poor people have no way to improve their income. They are lacking food, working places, clean water decent housing. The latest report form IMF shows that higher inequalities lead to lower growth. Indifference from powerful people means business as usual.

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