Blessed Paul VI

Paul VI is now blessed, the liturgical memorial of the new Blessed is scheduled for the day of his birth, September 26.

In St. Peter's Square Pax Romana was present through the delegates at the XII assembly of Meic and hundreds of members from all over Italy. Meic is the Pax Romana Icmica member in Italy as Fuci is the Pax Romana Imcs. A dutiful presence, as explained by Carlo Cirotto president of MEIC, to the Italian catholic newspaper "Avvenire": "Meic received from to Paul VI its very foundation and defining their fundamental characteristics, namely the communication of the experience of faith through the exercise of reason.

Future SDG's must impact the structural causes of poverty and hunger

An essential principle of management is the refusal to be satisfied with current results and to press forward, in the conviction that those gains are only consolidated by working to achieve even more. In the case of global political and economic organization, much more needs to be achieved, since an important part of humanity does not share in the benefits of progress and is in fact relegated to the status of second-class citizens. Future Sustainable Development Goals must therefore be formulated and carried out with generosity and courage, so that they can have a real impact on the structural causes of poverty and hunger, attain more substantial results in protecting the environment, ensure dignified and productive labor for all, and provide appropriate protection for the family, which is an essential element in sustainable human and social development.

Recasting the New Evangelization Framework in Light of the Poor

Early Highlights and Analysis of Evangellii Gaudium

   Evangellii Gaudium, the Joy of the Gospel, will most certainly become an important text to understand Catholic social ethics, mission, ecclesiology, and what it means to be a disciple in the world today. The text addresses a number of important themes including the importance of preaching, the danger of pride and despair within the church, economic inequality, the idolatry of free market capitalism and structural sin, the call of all the church to proclaim the Gospel with joy, and the pneumatological dimensions of evangelization. Most of all, perhaps, Pope Francis calls our attention to the demands of people who are poor and marginalized as a fundamental component of evangelization.

Contribute to the synod on pastoral challenges to the Family.

A meeting of the synod -extraordinary general assembly in October 2014 and ordinary assembly in 2015- has been announced on the topic : Pastoral challenges to the family... the preparatory document has been published to allow the Global Church to be consulted, to allow all members of the People of God to contribute to the reflections and orientations.

A time for Christians to engage with the world

Article by the Holy Father Benedict XVI in the Financial Times

"Render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God," was the response of Jesus when asked about paying taxes. His questioners, of course, were laying a trap for him. They wanted to force him to take sides in the highly-charged political debate about Roman rule in the land of Israel. Yet there was more at stake here: if Jesus really was the long-awaited Messiah, then surely he would oppose the Roman overlords. So the question was calculated to expose him either as a threat to the regime, or a fraud.