ISCAM: 23 May 2015 statement

                In the cooperation process between ISCAM* (International Specialized Catholic Action Movements) initiated June 17, 2014, we gathered on 22 and 23 May 2015. We were hosted by JOC France at their headquarters. We had 3 main questions:

1 - What is the current relevance of our almost centennial founding intuitions? (Starting from human realities, option for the poor, working by, for and with the people, articulate faith and life ...)

2 - How do we stand in the Church with the changes after Council Vatican II and the message of Pope Francis?

3 - How to make this common heritage fruitful for the world today?

International catholic movements program Paris, 22-23 may

International Catholic movements are currently strengthening their cooperation regarding the presence in international institutions, thematic reflections, speaking out .... These movements have a long history associated with specialized Catholic Action, and had a strong influence in the society as well as in the Church. They are now living in a very different context compared to their origin. Are they still relevant today? What is their charism compared to lay movements born after the council? We will address this issue at our meeting on 22 and 23 May 2015.

Statement of the International Catholic movements

On 17 June 2014, we – the international leaders of the International Movements of Catholic inspiration, comprising IMAC, ICYCW, MIJARC, IYCW, WMCW, Pax Romana, and MIAMSI – gathered in Paris. The purpose of our meeting was to renew old ties grown distant with time.

The event provided us with a number of opportunities; we were able to take time to get to know each other, and to share the lives of international organizations today, but also to look to the future, and to outline our plans for long-lasting collaboration.