International forum of catholic action

Associations, Federations of Movements of AC

  • This particular form of group apostolate, whose identity and mission have been reproposed by the Ecumenical Council Vatican II itself (cf. Lumen Gentium 33.3; Ad Gentes 15.9 and especially Apostolicam Actuositatem 20.2 and 20.4) and by the constant teachings of the Roman Popes and the Bishops (cf. most recently Christifideles laici 31.3) is still alive and functioning in many countries on the various continents. This fact was also confirmed by the work and by the final documents of the Synod of Bishops in October 1987.


  • to be a place where concern and solidarity for the Catholic Action of different countries, regions and continents can find expression;
  • to analyse the worldwide dimension of the great problems that contemporary society poses to the Church and to Catholic Action;
  • to animate and promote the "new evangelization" with respect for the different pastoral contexts and the different methods of organization of each Catholic Action.