A statement by the French Bishops Conference: "Restoring the sense of the Political"

France is in an electoral year : presidential elections in April-May, and parlamientary elections in June. There is, in France like in many other countries, a raising wawe of populist political forces. Quality of democracy is at stake ! In this context, the French Bishops Conference has issued a statement. Well received by the French medias and the public opinion, including outside of the catholic circles... read here 

Veronica as social activist

During the Passion of Christ, Veronica steps out from the crowd and runs forth to Jesus to wipe the blood and sweat off His face as He carries the cross to His own crucifixion. At the 6th station in the way of the cross, we reflect on Veronica’s actions, how she did the little she could to help Jesus during these last hours. We reflect on the courage she had to go forth and help someone who is struggling and we are called to reflect on our own actions, when we do not have the courage to help others because their pain too great for us to face.

Youth leaders' summit in Brussels

The 3rd Africa Europe Youth Leaders’ Summit was organized by the Joint Africa-European Union Strategy (JAES) and Support Mechanism and held at Renaissance Brussels Hotel in Belgium from the 31st March 2014 to the 1st April 2014. The JAES was adopted in Lisbon in 2007 to create a new partnership strategy between Africa and Europe to strengthen cooperation and development. Participants to this event come from  Africa and Europe Youth Organizations which comprises; Network of International Youth Organizations in Africa (NIYOA)- Pax Romana ICMICA, IMCS Pax Romana, YCS, FIMCAP, Pan Africa Youth Union (PYU) European Youth Forum (YFJ), Africa and Diaspora Youth Network in Europe (ADYNE)

 During the two days we were together, our discussions dwelt on the following important themes: