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   In this special edition of our annual publication, Convergence, we are happy to have a summary of key points of reflection in our last Plenary Assembly. The theme, From Indifference to Mercy, Our Commitment? Is a timely and relevant theme for our world today. Ours is a world (and church) in need of mercy. This has been a key insight of Pope Francis’ witness and teaching.
In this issue, we have several important reflections on the theme including theological insights from both Gustavo Gutierrez, OP, the longtime chaplain for our Peruvian
movement and Josep M. Rambla Blanch, SJ. The reflections from the small groups of our leaders show what our movement is doing and where we are called to go.

    Tu ets la clau, you are the key. This was a key point of reflection and prayer throughout the assembly. As Catholic intellectuals and professionals, we have an enormous power to transform our society and our church. Those of us privileged with university degrees must become agents to transform indifference into mercy. Here, our movement has a great potential to mobilize action. This is only possible, however, with you, our members and friends. You are the key to our movement. You are the key to help us mobilize analysis and action, in a small but significant way, to this crisis of indifference. I hope you will join us.

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