In view of the current social and political situation that is happening in Catalonia, the entities that are part of PAX ROMANA Catalonia want to express:

1. Our concern and total rejection of the violent police actions of October 1, as well as the condemnation of the legal and criminal prosecution of persons and entities due to political ideology; in particular our condemnation to the imprisonment of social leaders, which have occurred in recent days, for these reasons.

2. Our firm commitment to the defense of human rights and basic freedoms such as ideological freedom, expression and political and secret political participation, which must be safeguarded by legality and the rule of law.

1. Improve the internal life of the Movement in order to facilitate the knowledge and contacts between the members of the movement: gatherings dinners, intergroup meetings (to meet the people of other groups and proposals and dynamics that are usable), preparation of material to reflect on subjects in a common way. Continue to promote intra-movement communication through technologies.

The XXI century puts us in a different context from the past, in terms of the presence of the Catholic Church in the public sphere of thought. In this context of weakening of the religious culture in our society we firmly believe that what the Christian proposal offers to the world is fully in force. The Moviment de Professionals Catòlics de Barcelona, on its 25th anniversary presents this manifesto:

Centre d’Estudis Francesc Eiximenis

Study Center Francesc Eiximenis





Moviment de Professionals Catòlics

de Barcelona (MPCB)

Movement of Catholic professionals of Barcelona