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The 3 members of Icmica Pax Romana in Catalunya have published the following statement:

In reference to the Supreme Court’s sentence that condemns different social and political Catalan leaders the undersigning Christian entities want to express the following:

1. We consider that this judgment and its sentence are a serious attack of the essential democratic principles of our society and it is also a serious violation of the human rights of the people affected due to the improper application of the penal laws to facts that cannot be considered criminal, with the result of abusive penalties being imposed. We also consider that there have been violations of the procedural guarantees during the judgment processes, as it has been pointed out by the working group on arbitrary arrests of the United Nations Human Rights Council, and as it has been denounced by multiple national and international NGO'S of Human Rights (International Federation of Human Rights, Amnesty International, World Organization against Torture, International Federation of Christians for the abolition of torture...).

     With silence and prayer. This is how a thousand people accompanied the families of Catalan political and social leaders in jail and in exile on Tuesday. The Basilica of Santa Maria del Pi in Barcelona welcomed the prayer of members of seven religious confessions. Each confession chose texts from their spiritual tradition to demand "a resolution of the Catalan conflict in a dignified, non-violent, and respectful of Human Rights way."

     During an hour the Basilica remained silent. The representatives of the confessions, mainly women, read some of their sacred texts. Specifically, Montse Castellà, from Buddhists for Peace and Human Rights, took part; Moriah Ferrús, from the Jewish Community of Catalonia; Conxa Adell, Benedictine of the monastic community of Sant Pere de les Puel·les; the Choir of the Orthodox Church Protecció de la Mare de Déu; Aicha Mahmassani, from the Commission of Women of the Islamic Cultural Council of Catalonia; Marta López Ballalta, pastor at the Barcelona-center Protestant Church; and Gagandeep Singh Khalsa, spokesman for the Sikh community in Catalonia. In between prayer and prayer, the relatives lit 18 candles that presided over the celebration.

1. Improve the internal life of the Movement in order to facilitate the knowledge and contacts between the members of the movement: gatherings dinners, intergroup meetings (to meet the people of other groups and proposals and dynamics that are usable), preparation of material to reflect on subjects in a common way. Continue to promote intra-movement communication through technologies.

The XXI century puts us in a different context from the past, in terms of the presence of the Catholic Church in the public sphere of thought. In this context of weakening of the religious culture in our society we firmly believe that what the Christian proposal offers to the world is fully in force. The Moviment de Professionals Catòlics de Barcelona, on its 25th anniversary presents this manifesto:

Centre d’Estudis Francesc Eiximenis

Study Center Francesc Eiximenis





Moviment de Professionals Catòlics

de Barcelona (MPCB)

Movement of Catholic professionals of Barcelona