With silence and prayer. This is how a thousand people accompanied the families of Catalan political and social leaders in jail and in exile on Tuesday. The Basilica of Santa Maria del Pi in Barcelona welcomed the prayer of members of seven religious confessions. Each confession chose texts from their spiritual tradition to demand "a resolution of the Catalan conflict in a dignified, non-violent, and respectful of Human Rights way."

     During an hour the Basilica remained silent. The representatives of the confessions, mainly women, read some of their sacred texts. Specifically, Montse Castellà, from Buddhists for Peace and Human Rights, took part; Moriah Ferrús, from the Jewish Community of Catalonia; Conxa Adell, Benedictine of the monastic community of Sant Pere de les Puel·les; the Choir of the Orthodox Church Protecció de la Mare de Déu; Aicha Mahmassani, from the Commission of Women of the Islamic Cultural Council of Catalonia; Marta López Ballalta, pastor at the Barcelona-center Protestant Church; and Gagandeep Singh Khalsa, spokesman for the Sikh community in Catalonia. In between prayer and prayer, the relatives lit 18 candles that presided over the celebration.

In this period of Lent, a time of personal and community reflection and change, we cannot forget the political and social events that have taken place in Catalunya over the past months.

It is within that context that we, as bishops of the Catalan dioceses, appeal to everyone to strive to re-establish mutual trust in the society which is ours, with its great cultural, political and also religious plurality. Social cohesion, concord, feeling close to one another and respect for the rights of everyone living in Catalunya, these must be among our main goals at this time.

In view of the current social and political situation that is happening in Catalonia, the entities that are part of PAX ROMANA Catalonia want to express:

1. Our concern and total rejection of the violent police actions of October 1, as well as the condemnation of the legal and criminal prosecution of persons and entities due to political ideology; in particular our condemnation to the imprisonment of social leaders, which have occurred in recent days, for these reasons.

2. Our firm commitment to the defense of human rights and basic freedoms such as ideological freedom, expression and political and secret political participation, which must be safeguarded by legality and the rule of law.

Centre d’Estudis Francesc Eiximenis

Study Center Francesc Eiximenis





Moviment de Professionals Catòlics

de Barcelona (MPCB)

Movement of Catholic professionals of Barcelona