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     You would expect me to comment on the Brexit vote in the recent referendum held in the UK. I certainly cannot speak for all the members of the Newman Association who hold a wide variety of opinions, but personally I was shocked and horrified by the result.

     The referendum was held for the sole purpose of trying to unite one of our political parties. Whist many of those who supported Leave were genuinely convinced that this was the right path for the UK to take; the leaders of the Leave Campaign were mainly right wing or political opportunists.

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Inspired by Card Newman, the associations organizes reflections on themes as: "Economy, what can I do?", "Crisis in the Church"

The aim of this article is to look back at some of the history of Pax Romana and its links with the Newman Association; The whole article can be downloaded here.


    The Newman Association is a national organization whose members meet regularly in local “circles” to discuss and develop their understanding of the Christian faith. Most of us are (Roman) Catholic, but baptized Christians of other traditions are warmly welcome as Associate Members.