White paper on Curia reform

This White Paper argues for increased attention to lay participation and co-responsibility throughout the life church. In hopes of adding some points of reflection to the important work of the Committee of Cardinals for Curial Reform, this paper humbly makes three proposals:

 1. The reinstitution of structures of lay participation at all levels in the church, including the organization of a Fourth World Congress of the Lay Apostolate at the international level.


 2. The mobilization of resources to support international lay initiatives and in particular those initiatives and movements concerned with training youth, students and young professionals.

 3. The relocation of certain curial offices outside of Rome as a witness and a sign of the universality of the Catholic mission and communion.

Download this file (ICMICA White Paper no1 Curia Reform.pdf)ICMICA White Paper no1 Curia Reform.pdf 

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