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Form and reform of the Church
Lun Ago 21, 2017 -- Ven Ago 25, 2017
Study session organized by MEIC
Camaldoli (Italia)
With his gestures and documents, Pope Francis is inspiring a great reform movement of the Catholic Church, not without detractors and pitfalls. There ...

Human dignity, security and future of Europe
Ven Ott 06, 2017 -- Dom Ott 08, 2017
Study session organized by Obnova
Lviv (Ukrain)
The main objectives are  to exchange experience and knowledge on Christian prospective on human dignity in the context of maintaining security and ke...

Dom Ago 28, 2016 @08:00 - 05:00PM
Bosnien, Brennpunkt der Geschichte und der Religionen

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