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First of all I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all those to whom I owe to be involved in the reflection started a few months ago in the Specialized Catholic Action Movements in order to ensure their more active presence in the Church and in the heart of the world.

                Shaped by the spirituality, the spirit and methodology of the Specialized Catholic Action since my earliest days, just like thousands of Christians throughout the world, benefiting from the huge richness of its international dimension, involved over the last twenty years in the restitution of all this contribution at the local, professional and ecclesial levels, I have immediately included all of today’s questions in those that I have where I am.

1.    Getting rid of our secret nature

Since we are convinced of the relevance of our pedagogy and our spirituality, it is urgent to express more clearly and with more determination our “know-how’s”. Our “theological scene” is the life of our contemporaries. Our source is this Jesus who has come so that we may all live our life to the full. Beyond being the leaven in the dough, we must know how to tell what the process of reappraisal of life changes for us and for the life of society.


 The preparation team had brought out, among the challenges to be taken up : the importance of the spiritual

- In the summary of the questionnaires proposed to the movements to prepare the July Colloquium a single affirmation appeared: “The reappraisal of one’s life and / or the link life-faith are funda-mental to all our movements”

- During the session, experts as well as movements have found a difficulty to express one’s faith. It is historically explainable but does not satisfy the movements any more.

Genesis of the reflection

It is following the initiative of the MIEC and of the JECI that this common reflection began. In effect, at the beginning of the year 2001, the MIEC and the JECI bring to light, in a context of crisis, the importance of thinking together about the future of movements.  Indeed, many movements experience difficulties: “recruitment” becoming harder, declining budgets, growing distance in their relationship with the hierarchical Church.