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These objectives are

Evangelisation: to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ through word and action to the  young people of the world of work  throughout the world.

Training: of the young leaders responsible for the national YCW movements; it encourages and helps organise exchanges, communication and solidarity between the various countries and continents.

Representation: of YCW national movements and the situation of  young people, their aspirations and their actions, with other organisations and international institutions.


To defend and promote the rural world through sharing and solidarity among rural people and peasants; to organize movements and associations of rural adults for the improvement of their living conditions and for a dignified life for all;  to speak on behalf of the rural world in the UN bodies, in the Church and Civil society.


Jeunesse indépendante Chrétienne Internationale


The IYCW is a dynamic movement of young workers who are active and motivated to work for justice. Young workers develop actions to fight the injustices, starting from their own reality and experience of life and work.


A community of Church movements that brings together people with professional, economic, social, political and cultural responsibilities in the world. This way, they commit themselves to the transformation of their own minds and the social structures in accordance with the Gospel, to which they refer.


The International Movement of Apostolate of Children has different aims: 
1)      To promote and to support worldwide, the expression, the training and the self-fulfillment of the children. To facilitate and to support the actions of empowerment of the children;
2)      To organize between the children of the Movements members the information, the exchanges and the contacts. To arouse the dialogue between the Movements members and with the other movements;
3)      To represent the children being a part of various movements with the International Organizations.


MIJARC wants to change the agricultural environmenton the basis of the Christian spirit for the creation of a new society, a new person and a rural world based on justice, peace anddurability, supporting a sustainable development and defending thehuman rights.


The WMCW is a movement of formation through action. The member movements are committed to raising awareness through permanent education. Their objective is to create solidarity and encourage their members to take an active part in the commitment to social change. That is, a comprehensive education, one aimed at commitment and concerning all aspects of life. To reach this goal, the WMCW applies the «-see-judge-act method», also called the «Review of life».  The ultimate goal of this collective action of continuing education is to improve the living conditions of all workers and their families.

Pax Christi International