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 The Arab Spring has shaken a whole series of autocratic regimes. With the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, might not something like that be possible in the Roman Catholic Church as well — a Vatican Spring?

- Why do you think that the Catholic Church has increasingly less influence?

The Catholic and all religions have increasingly less influence in the world, but I wish that they had more. The Catholic Church needs a profound renewal and I think that, just as said Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, is 200 years behind, then we have to renew all who are Catholic.

- How to renew?

In the cauldron of digital potion, a challenge for the Church to get heard in an era of zapping and clicking

Abstract from Bertrand Ouellet's conference. En français ci-dessous. 

1. – The astonishment at Capharnaum. Here the argument of authority doesn’t apply. The astonishment comes from an authority derived from experience and testimony. The witness’s testimony is stronger than zapping.

    On November the 16th of 1965 around 40 bishops, who were participating in the 2nd Vatican Council, met in the Catacombs of St. Domitilla to celebrate mass and to sign a document, which can be regarded as one of the most impressive testimonies of faith of the council fathers. Because of the place, where it was signed this texted is named the Catacomb`s Pact. In it the signatories commit themselves to live as poorly and modestly as possible and to place the poor in the center of their pastoral work.