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- Why do you think that the Catholic Church has increasingly less influence?

The Catholic and all religions have increasingly less influence in the world, but I wish that they had more. The Catholic Church needs a profound renewal and I think that, just as said Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, is 200 years behind, then we have to renew all who are Catholic.

- How to renew?


Returning to the evangelical purity of Jesus Christ and get rid of both pageantry, liturgical paraphernalia so much bureaucracy, all this is not evangelical, I think the true Church, from the Pope to the last newly baptized, needs a deep renewal. The Church is not speaking a language close to the world today, which is a challenge that the Church must assume not only know the theory, but in practice.

- And what are you doing to try to renew the Church, at least locally?

Never say no when the media asked me an interview and even if ailing heart, I say yes. I try in my college classes to be true to science, which is psychological, and that I do not do any proselytizing, because I think that making good scientific psychology also helps open the mind.

I do not care if everyone is Catholic, I care to live the gospel values that are universal, those values can be lived by an atheist, an agnostic, a mason, a Catholic, an evangelical or Pentecostal. I love the Church with all my heart and it hurts me too, because I would like to see it more agile, more refreshed, more youthful, more open-minded in every way.

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