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1 . The Church should continue on the path set by the Second Vatican Council , and overcome the closed model of a church wanting to recreate a society, nostalgic of a christian ideal who hates the world.
2 To detach the Church from worldliness (speech of Benedict XVI Freiburg 9/2011) which will lead to greater credibility in its core mission, the proclamation of the Word and give up some forms that are now outdated .

3 We need more respect for plurality in the Church and a more participatory government, a better balance in favor of local realities, a greater collegiality.

4 Globalization of the Church must also be reflected in his writings. We have the "de europeanize - also in Europe,
5 Two priorities shuld be to join cultural mediation and social action: to be able to offer a "narrative" of the meaning of human life where God makes us discover the other, and at the same time, the social action with the poors and the commitment to justice

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