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Why join ICMICA-Pax Romana?

Connect, reflect and act with other people and communities committed to justice, peace, and care for creation.

In response to the many social, political and economic divisions that mark our world, there is a need for individuals and communities to join together in movements. We cannot address the problems facing humanity or the church in isolation. We need to come together in movement. Pax Romana offers a space to support and mobilize Catholic professionals, intellectuals and activist to reflect and act on the challenges facing the world in light of the Gospel and the Catholic social tradition.

How as individual?

Share your suggestions, questions

After each article it is possible to make comments (if you are registered). You can also send us a message directly here.

Join a local movement near you

Pax Romana is a federation of local and national groups. If you want to join a group, click here to get a personal contact in the selected country.

Start a local ICMICA movement

ICMICA seeks to support individuals and local groups in the formation of communities and national movements to link Catholic professionals and intellectuals. For ideas on how to start a local ICMICA group, see here. (Coming soon.)

Offer your expertise at the global level.

Pax Romana acts at the global level, in the International Institutions and in projects lead by himself or by partners. You can take part by offering your technical expertise, for example when Pax Romana has to bring a contribution in the International Institutions working groups.

You can also bring your managerial expertise, for example by developing communication in an intercultural and interlinguistic environment, managing Skype conferences, translating documents or simultaneouly, improving communication technologies...

Support financially Pax Romana projects.

By clicking on "See projects" on the left, (only visible after login) you can choose the project you want to support. This support is very important for example to pay travels which allow people from different continents to meet personally, and create an international dynamics.

Become member

To become a "global member" there are 3 conditions:
- to dedicate time to Pax Romana Imcica at the global level
- to support financially Pax Romana Icmica
- to ask the council, which, according the statutes, has to take the decision.

The you can act officially as Pax Romana Icmica member

How as organization?

ICMICA invites national movements, organizations, or centers who share our goals and mission to consider working together. This can be done in different ways:

Connect ourselves.

From your side, this can be done by updating your website (with RSS link) or your facebook page. These changes will automatically be transferred to the Pax Romana website. From us, you will be updated through periodical or thematic newsletters.

Act together on a thematic basis.

The work themes of Pax Romana are available on the website.(Menu themes)
- Tell us which themes you are working on, and on which ones you wish a contribution from others movements.
- For some special event we can ask you for a specific contribution, based on your experience.

Share information.

You are an organization who produces reflections, studies... The reflections which fit in our thematic themes are interesting for us, and we can make them known, including beyond the linguistic borders. In the opposite we can share our members reflections, based on their experiences.

Invite members from your organization to join the global network

By making registration they become partner of the network. Then they can post articles, make comments, and they will receive newsletters.

Become organizational member

Member means a closer and long term cooperation. If not yet, you can become constituent member (with fianancial commitment and right of vote in the general assemblies) or only corresponding member, meaning working together on a regular basis. You can see here the requirements and the process to become member.

See you soon!